Are there any articles I can read or videos I can watch about Cannock Mill?

Article, case study or videoDate
Short video about Cannock Mill 
Case study about Cannock Mill on the Passivhaus Trust website 
‘Could you co-house’ – article featuring Cannock Mill and two other cohousing schemes in Woman and HomeApril issue
 ‘We just held hands and jumped – how one of Britain’s happiest, healthiest communities was built’ – Guardian article about Cannock Mill30/01/2024
Designing an intentional community – Interview with Anne Thorne about Cannock Mill – House Planning Help 27/09/2023
 ‘Meet the friends who built a village …’ –  Sunday Times article about Cannock Mill  (behind a paywall)20/08/2023
BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour discussion about intentional communities involving our architect and community member, Anne Thorne. (The piece starts at approx 48 minutes into the programme)25/06/2023
BFFs: A Life Built on Friendship – BBC Radio 4 – Cannock Mill was featured in this programme looking at how friendships can offer alternative ways to live at different stages of life. Available on BBC Sounds (our section begins 22 mins into the programme)16/08/2023
Grist to the Mill – article in Passivhaus + magazine15/072022
How to make a cohousing scheme a reality – interview with Phil McGeevor of Cannock Mill Cohousing – House Planning Help 20/02/2019