Join us

We have a waiting pool for people who would like to join us. Any opportunities to join our Cannock Mill community are offered first to those already in the waiting pool, so it’s worth enquiring well before you want to live here.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of joining the waiting pool, before applying please read this website thoroughly as it tells you a lot about the many benefits of living at Cannock Mill, the variety of people who live here, our beautiful site and our energy-efficient homes. You will see that the activities and opportunities offered are made possible by the effort of everyone here. We don’t have a fixed weekly or monthly work commitment, preferring instead to trust everyone to play their part in whatever way they can. Having put many years and a huge amount of effort into creating this community, we are keen to safeguard its future viability. We need to ensure that whoever lives here actively helps Cannock Mill survive and flourish long into the future.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth looking at UK Cohousing Network website which gives an insight into cohousing and what is involved in living in an intentional community.

Joining a cohousing community is a big decision. Here are some things to think about before enquiring.

We have a two-way ‘getting to know you’ process, which usually progresses as follows:

  • As a first step, please email us on and we will send you a short form that gives you the opportunity to tell us about  yourself.
  • You will usually be invited to attend a ‘discovery day’ so that we can show you around the site and some properties, and explain the waiting pool and joining process in more detail.
  • After the discovery day, if both you and we are interested in taking things further, you will be invited on more visits so that you can get to know us all – and we can all get to know you – before you may be proposed as a member of the waiting pool.